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Louisiana DOTD Offers Tips on How to Avoid Car Accidents in Severe Weather

All motorists need to use caution when driving during dangerous weather conditions In Louisiana, the weather conditions often turn severe. Look no further than last month, when the governor declared a state of emergency after tornadoes tore through the New Orleans area and caused significant devastation, including at least one fatality. Storms with heavy rainfall...

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Louisiana Ranked One of the Best States for Highway Safety Laws

A New Orleans car accident lawyer breaks down everything drivers should know Louisiana is in the top 8 list of states with the best highway safety laws. Each year the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety releases a roadmap of each state's highway safety laws. According to the Louisiana Illuminator, the U.S. Department of Transportation...

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How To Avoid a Parking Lot Accident This Holiday Season

A New Orleans car accident lawyer reveals what you should know According to the National Safety Council (NSC), tens of thousands of car accidents, hundreds of deaths, and thousands of injuries occur every year in parking lots across the country. Researchers believe the number of accidents is even higher because many minor fender-benders are not...

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Drunk Driving Crashes a Problem on I-10 in Louisiana

A New Orleans car accident lawyer reveals the sobering statistics Without a doubt, Interstate 10 is one of the state’s most important thoroughfares, passing through Lake Charles, Lafayette, and Baton Rouge, while also serving the New Orleans metropolitan area before crossing Lake Pontchartrain. It also is one of the most dangerous roads in the United...

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