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Motorcycle Accident Injuries

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Because motorcyclists have very little protection on the road, a motorcycle accident can leave them with serious injuries. From concussions to broken bones, an injured motorcyclist can be in a lot of pain after their accident. They may need surgery, hospitalization and months of follow-up treatment. Medical expenses can add up fast. That’s why you need an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer on your side.

Recovering financial compensation for your injuries can be complicated. The Law Offices of John S. Williams, LLC in New Orleans guides you through the legal process every step of the way. Insurance companies will try to minimize your injuries so they can pay you less. Attorney John S. Williams fights for the compensation you deserve.

Types of motorcycle accident injuries

Common motorcycle accident injuries include:

  • Head and brain injuries – When motorcyclists are hit directly by a car or thrown onto the ground, the force of impact can cause the brain to crash into the skull. This leads to bruising, bleeding or swelling and the motorcyclist can suffer a concussion or more serious traumatic brain injury (TBI). Concussions from dooring incidents are also common among motorcyclists. These different types of head injuries can cause permanent damage that requires lifelong care.
  • Back and spinal cord injuries – A crash can result in damage to the spine and spinal column. Injuries can include herniated or bulging discs, disc fractures, nerve damage or a severed spinal cord. The effects of these injuries can include pain, numbness or paralysis. Spinal cord injuries are difficult to treat and motorcyclists can be left with a permanent disability.
  • Paralysis – Severe spinal cord injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident can result in paralysis. Depending on the location of the injury, the person might not be able to move their arms, legs or other parts of their body below the location of the injury.
  • Broken bones – The impact of a crash or being thrown to the ground can result in broken bones in the arms, hands, wrists, legs or hips. Surgery may be required for certain types of bone fractures so that bones can heal properly. Mobility can become severely limited and recovery may take months.
  • Biker’s arm – During an accident, the instinct of motorcyclists who are thrown from their bike is to put out their arms to protect themselves. This can cause damage to nerves in the arm. These nerves include the brachial plexus, median nerve, radial nerve and ulnar nerve. This can result in “biker’s arm,” a condition in which motorcyclists have difficulty using their hands or fingers.
  • Road rash – In an accident, a motorcyclist may fall and slide on the road before coming to a complete stop. This can result in serious cuts and bruises to the skin – a condition called “road rash.” This is a very painful condition. Cuts and bruises can become infected and there may be scarring or nerve damage.
  • Torn ligaments – The connective tissues that hold together bones, joints and organs are called ligaments. A serious accident can result in these ligaments being torn, especially in the knee, elbow or ankle.
  • Sprains and tears – The force of a motorcycle crash can often result in muscle sprains and tears, which can be very painful injuries. Depending on the severity of the muscle tear or sprain, surgery may be necessary.
  • Amputation – The loss of a hand, arm, leg or another body part can occur due to a motorcycle accident. A limb may be cut off in the accident itself (traumatic amputation) or removed by doctors because it is too severely damaged or infected (surgical amputation). Either way, the loss of a limb is a life-altering injury.
  • Internal injuries – Internal bleeding, organ damage and other hidden injuries not visible on the outside often occur as a result of an accident. This is why injured motorcyclists need to seek immediate medical care. They could have a life-threatening internal injury and not even know it.

How much is my motorcycle injury claim worth?

Expenses can add up fast after a serious motorcycle injury. Depending on the severity of your injury and how much time you need to recover, your injury claim can easily add up to thousands of dollars or significantly more. Such expenses can cover a wide range, including:

  • Ambulance fees
  • Emergency surgery
  • Hospital bills for overnight hospital stays
  • Follow-up doctor’s appointments
  • Physical therapy
  • Prescription medications
  • In-home medical care
  • Home modifications, especially if someone sustains a permanent disability. For example, if an injured motorcyclist becomes paralyzed and needs a wheelchair, they may need wheelchair accessibility modifications to their home or vehicle.

It’s also important to take into account loss of income. If you cannot work for several weeks or months, you should receive money to replace your lost income. The same is true if you can never return to work due to a permanent disability. All of these expenses can add up and you should be financially compensated for all of them.

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Attorney John S. Williams investigates your motorcycle accident to get the facts. He builds strong cases that insurance companies must take seriously. John stands with you and fights for compensation for all medical expenses related to your injuries – both now and in the future – so you can get the treatment you need.

If you’ve been hurt in a New Orleans motorcycle accident, it’s important to get trusted legal advice as soon as possible. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. John will meet with you personally to talk about your accident. He can explain your legal options for recovering compensation and answer any questions you have.

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