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How Do I Get My Police Report Changed After a Car Accident in Louisiana?

Don’t let an inaccurate police report jeopardize your claim. Get an experienced attorney on your side to set the record straight

Whether you’re in New Orleans, on a major interstate, or on a rural roadway, a police officer will likely respond to your Louisiana car accident. When they arrive, they’ll conduct an initial investigation and document the crash scene details in a police report.

While a police report can be beneficial to your car accident claim, inaccuracies in the report can negatively impact your case and lead to disputes and potentially unfair outcomes. Ensuring that your police report contains correct information is important for the best possible outcome for your case.

An experienced New Orleans car accident lawyer at The Law Offices of John S. Williams can help you identify common mistakes on your report and get them fixed.

Why are police reports important after car accidents?

Police reports play an important role in documenting the details of a car accident. They include essential information such as the accident's date, time, and location, the parties involved, witness statements, and the responding officer’s observations and conclusions.

This detailed account is important for several reasons:

  • An accurate report can expedite your claim and ensure fair compensation.
  • In the event of a lawsuit, a police report serves as a key piece of evidence.
  • It provides a factual account of your car accident, which can be useful for future reference.

The accuracy of a police report can significantly influence the outcome of your car accident case. Incorrect or incomplete information can lead to disputes with insurance companies, challenges in court, and potentially unjust conclusions.

How do I get a copy of my police report after a Louisiana car accident?

To obtain a copy of your police report in Louisiana, first determine the appropriate law enforcement agency that initially investigated your crash. This could be the city police, state police, or sheriff’s office.

For example, if your car accident happened in New Orleans and a city officer responded, you would need to get your report from the New Orleans Police Department.

Before requesting your report, have the following information ready:

  • Date and location of the accident.
  • Names of the parties involved.
  • Report number (if available).
  • Officer’s name and badge number (if known).

Many agencies allow you to request a copy of the police report online. Check the official website of the relevant law enforcement agency for online request forms and instructions. You can also visit the agency in person or send a mail request.

Be prepared to pay a nominal fee for your report. In New Orleans, this fee is usually around $10-$20. The Louisiana State Police charges $11.50 and makes reports available within 10-15 business days after your crash.

What are common errors in police accident reports?

Inaccuracies in your police report can stem from various sources and can potentially jeopardize your claim. Common types of errors found in police reports include:

  • Factual inaccuracies: Incorrect details about your car accident, such as wrong dates, times, or locations, can misrepresent the event. Mistakes in identifying the parties involved or their vehicle information can also occur.
  • Misinterpretation of events: The officer’s interpretation of your collision might not align with the actual sequence of events. This can lead to incorrect fault assignments or misunderstandings about how the crash occurred.
  • Incomplete information: Sometimes, key details are omitted from the report. Missing witness statements, lack of detailed descriptions of the accident scene, or incomplete injury reports can lead to an inaccurate representation of the incident.

How can errors on my police report impact my car accident claim?

These errors can negatively impact your car accident case in several ways:

  • Incorrect fault assignment: If the report inaccurately assigns fault, it can affect your ability to claim compensation and may result in higher insurance premiums.
  • Insurance disputes: Insurance companies use police reports to assess claims. Errors can lead to disputes, delay the claims process, and potentially result in reduced compensation.
  • Legal challenges: Inaccuracies can complicate legal proceedings, making presenting a clear and accurate account of the accident in court difficult.

How do I look for errors on my car accident police report?

Given the potential for errors in your police report, it’s important to review it carefully and ensure that all information is accurate and complete.

Pay attention to details such as the date, time, location, and descriptions of the vehicles and individuals involved. Ensure witness statements and your account of the accident are accurately recorded.

How do I get my police report changed in Louisiana?

If you notice any inaccuracies or missing information, highlight or list them. Then, collect any evidence that supports your claim of inaccuracies. This might include photographs of the crash scene, witness statements, medical records, or any other relevant documentation.

You can also contact the officer who filed the crash report. Explain the discrepancies and provide your supporting evidence. Be polite and clear about why the changes are necessary.

Also, ask the officer if they can amend the report to reflect the correct information. Some errors can be resolved quickly with a simple discussion.

If the officer is unable to make the changes or you are not satisfied with the response, contact the police department's records division. Submit a formal request for correction in writing, including a detailed explanation of the errors and your supporting evidence.

If the original report can’t be amended, request that a supplemental report be added. This report can include the correct information and your perspective on the accident.

Don’t handle your claim alone. Get help from a skilled New Orleans car accident lawyer

Getting into a serious crash can be devastating and turn your life upside down. Navigating the process of recovering compensation without a car accident attorney can feel impossible. Insurance companies have a financial incentive to pay you as little as possible, often making lowball settlement offers or denying claims altogether.

At The Law Offices of John S. Williams, LLC, we believe you shouldn't have to pay out of pocket for someone else’s negligence. If you were in a crash, we know what to do. We can handle every aspect of your claim, including getting your police report for evidence. Additionally, we can help correct any false or missing information in the report.

Consulting with us is free, and we work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you don’t pay unless we win your case. Let us handle the insurance companies and legal procedures while you focus on your recovery. Contact us today to protect your rights and secure the compensation you deserve.

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